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The KEY to your DREAM Career

How are people able to go from pennies to six figure salaries while gloating about their love for their career? Seems impossible right, well, let me let you in on a little secret…rewind a couple, okay, maybe a whole lot of years back *insert eye roll here*.

Late teens; early 2000’s; crooked bangs; two strand ponytail; rock-a-wear jeans; over-sized dad shirt; a year or so from finishing school, still confused about what my classes were about as when I first started high school in grade 9. Lost as ever, looking for some guidance from bad-decision making friends, and skipped career days; well, skipped all of grade 12 days; and a bit of 11.

You mean to tell me, I was supposed to figure out what I wanted to take in college in grade 9, so I know what high school classes to take in grade 10, that would allow me to be accepted to college 4 years from now, after barely surviving grade 8? Boy, I just learned how to use a pad 12 seconds ago.

Fast forward a smidget to sitting at a mindless job thinking about every and anything related to how much you hate this job, feeling stuck, contemplating life while you painstakingly watch the clock go backwards. This. Is. Dreadful. You say with anxious eyes, clammy hands with no site of happiness in the near futurethanking everyone who told you earning a degree would get you a ‘Great’ job. Wondering how in the heck did I get from a no responsibilities teen eager to start my great job to a young adult with no future in sight just trying to make a frequent cheque.

Which brings us to why the KEY ingredient of your DREAM career is so important; for some reason, being a fast food restaurant working senior with pennies for a pension, not experiencing life just does not seem appealing. This KEY ingredient leads to a rewarding career. Can*

Before I share what the KEY ingredient is, did you know, about 43% of college students and 69% of university students dropout of school; one of the top reasons being, students just did not like their programs; seems as if blindlessly choosing a course just to be in school isn’t helping much. And it does not help that High School’s lack of real world preparation did not assist in anyway for the realization of just how hard Secondary life could be. I’m sure we could all agree that the only Secondary School preparation received was being subjected to sit for 8 hours with 3 breaks and studying vengefully for hours from teacher prepared study guides only to to take a test that has everything but the information required from the study guide. I mean, could anyone tell me when they ever used MLA format in College/University? The least they could have done was prepare us for the Student Diet we were about to be forced to go on!

Never would I have imagined that College life meant navigating through a not so user friendly school site; being constraint to sit through 3 hour lectures or having to worry about a stress induced coma due to thousands of dollars of school debt – housing debt, textbook debt, I need a life debt, stupidity debt, bail my friends out of a waste man’s house debt, food debt, car debt, bills debt (Trust fund kids you can pretty much shutup about your nonexistent expenses but can continue reading because you probably wasted your parents money because you are also missing the key ingredientand unexpected debt, incurred; and the five 40% assignments that are all due in the same week. Doesn’t that seem like a lot of high blood pressure causing for a course we could care less about? CollegeSeemsImpossibleForget University.

So what is the KEY ingredient to your DREAM career that you so patiently wait to read? Why my dear friends, It. Is. Passion. Simple. Right?

If you can’t find your purpose, look for your passion.Then master it to make your profession.If you would like to see the YouTube video to this post, then click on, The KEY to your DREAM Career. Moving on, speaking from experience, from a person who just recently found the courage to follow along the path of her passion, finding that one thing you wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of your life is seamlessly harder than dating in 2018. I mean, can’t I just get a right swipe on Tinder. I could not even express in words the amount of times I went back and forth between different passion and career choices. I probably went through the whole alphabet of different opportunities, begging for a sign to fall out of the sky and hit me on my head. Literally. Uh, hello past life, this is now the perfect time for some advice.

“You can’t live off of a dream,” they said. “Ahh, but you can live off of a passion,” if you market it right of course.

Why is finding your passion so hard? Probably due to the lack of career choice (or passion) exposure at a young age mixed with the pressure to go to school and get a ‘Great Job;’ that and this damned Genie won’t appear no matter how much lamps I rub. Can you count the amount of times an adult told you that, as if getting a job in a field with a degree and potential wasn’t easier as a dream than reality. How many of your parents have a degree with a job in their field?

You can either get what you want out of life, or just get old.

Which leads into my next discussion, since we unfortunately cannot rely on school or parents to guide us to our passion, we have to be the super-heroine (or superhero) of our own mess. How do we do that you inquisitively ask with folded hands? By following these small, but effective tips below.


PROCESS OF ELIMINATION: A task that can be done within 5 minutes or less. Create a list of all your likes and dislikes (having an understanding of irritable things will open up doors for all the possibilities that you can do), re-reading the likes over and over and over again until your mind runs off into a tangent of ideas for one particular like (or a couple, because joint or grouped likes/skills can become an even greater career). Googling jobs and picking things you like about that job is helpful if you for some reason, do not know what you like. Ps. everyone has interests or likes, unless you go around not smiling or laughing at anything!

Anything that gets your blood racing, is probably worth doing (Hunter S Thompson)

EXPOSURE: The simplest, yet long drawn out solution due to procrastination to make the first step. With your list of likes, find persons (family, friends, strangers) who share your same interest, however, are taking their likes (passion) seriously. Spark. A. Conversation. Or. Job. Shadow. And learn something. If your like is something you could volunteer for – because getting a job nowadays is like waiting on the end of the world with the Jehovah’s, do it. For example: you may like helping people, then volunteer at a food bank, join a therapeutic circle, or assist fire personnels, there are multiple ways to help people, expose yourself to them.

If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good (Dr. Seuss)

KEEP A JOURNAL: Thoughts lead to ideas. It’s that simple. So if you can, try and write a daily entry, then wait for that one entry that sparks an interest.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe (Gustave Elaubert)

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