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Hi, I Am Shinell

After attending a Retirement Preparation course (which I was the only one under 50), they advised your ‘Best Life’ begins in your ‘Retirement Life.’ However, as I looked around the room, what I saw on everyone’s faces was nowhere near happiness for retirement.

Quickly realizing that no one in the room had actually planned for their retirement and would be stuck with their lousy monthly pension payments, I experienced a vast awakening that would change my thinking forever. (1) Pension plans in Canada are not enough for you to retire on and (2) I do not want to start ‘Living my Best Life,’ after I retire.

Thus giving birth to my project. A project so great that I had to share my excitement with the world. I have created a platform to Awaken The Giant within all those trying to live your best life now while working towards becoming financially free and retiring today (instead of at age 65).

Join our Achievers community today and receive an endless supply of support, motivation and life lessons to not only inspire you to become the best version of yourself, but too also hold you accountable for achieving your retiring young goals.

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